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I'm Werkelin

Gunilla Werkelin, Fashion Designer, Coach and Entrepreneur

Born in a pile of fur, educated in fashion, and finally knowing why I am here on earth...
I Am Here to Bring Beauty And Confidence to Women That Care.
A Designer on a mission to help women reach confidence in looks, mind & business 


The New Law Of Attraction Bible For Women who don't settle for less..!

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* life is too short to be bored - do something you love *

Get To Know Gunilla (Me!) Better


In my life, there is more than clothes and the law of attraction...

This is my treasure chest!


The Start Of It All

Since I reached my dream at 21 years old, I had to pinch my arm...
I couldn't believe I was a fashion designer because I felt like a cheater...

How could I know what other people wanted, what the trend was...
I know now...

It comes from the inside, from my intuition - and we ALL have our intuition!
Just learn how to listen to it!

Let's Meet!

To know is to understand...

Looking to add a dose of inspiration and empowerment to your social media? Look no further! Join me as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, celebration, and personal growth. Follow me for a vibrant feed that celebrates your uniqueness and helps you unlock your limitless potential. Together, let's create a space where women truly shine!


Established achievements


Everything you make and what you say seems self-evident but still so incredible that I haven't lived by it before. You are positive and non-judgmental and convey faith and joy in the future. I am so grateful that I found you. Thanks for letting me get this knowledge.


So interesting and true! Felt right down to the core that this was so right! Everything feels possible! When I "lose" myself in some dark thought that doesn't give me energy, I think about what I've just learned and actually feel better. I can really recommend it!


Bouncing around here at home and super excited to get to know myself ... again after focusing on everyone else's needs :)
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! You pulled up the blinds in my dark house! I am blessed that I found you and I will recommend you to all I know!

mine my own mind


i wish i was born in a better life...

  • I've struggled to find luck in my life and doubted my ability to attract positive outcomes and success.
  • Negativity from the news and external influences has made me feel that luck is elusive and difficult to attain.
  • Societal pressures have created challenges that make it harder for me to believe in my own luck and manifest the life I desire.

Me too! I understand the struggle of finding luck while navigating negativity and the challenges of running a business in a world filled with uncertainty. But there is hope! In "Mine My Own Mind," we'll dive deep into the power of the Law of Attraction and learn techniques to shift your mindset, and release limiting beliefs. Together, we'll rewrite your luck story and unlock the abundance and fulfillment you deserve. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey and create a life filled with joy, serendipity, and success. The power to manifest your dreams is within your grasp. Let's embrace it together!

The Full Story

Once upon a time, in the vibrant imagination of a young girl, dreams of becoming a fashion designer took flight. She could sense the magic in fabrics, colors, and designs from an early age. Her passion grew stronger each day, and she vowed to bring her unique vision to life.

As the years unfolded, she dedicated herself to honing her craft and acquiring the skills to turn her dreams into reality. Her unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of excellence propelled her forward.

A longing for cultural enrichment beckoned her to the vibrant land of India, where she immersed herself in its rich tapestry for two transformative years. The land's colors, textures, and wisdom seeped into her soul, infusing her creations with enchantment and allure.

Returning to her homeland of Sweden, she embarked on a new chapter of her journey. Fueled by her passion for empowering women, she founded her own maternity clothes brand, embracing motherhood's journey and celebrating women's beauty in this precious phase of life.

Every challenge became an opportunity to learn and grow, shaping her into the creative force she was destined to become.

In 2005, the moment she had longed for finally arrived. With an unwavering spirit and a heart full of hope, she took a leap of faith and founded her own fashion brand - DesignWerket. This culminated years of hard work, countless sketches, and endless nights spent bringing her ideas to life.

DesignWerket became a beacon of innovation and style, capturing the essence of the modern woman. Through her designs, she sought to empower women through their appearance and the confidence and self-assurance that radiated from within.

With DesignWerket as her canvas, she painted a picture of self-expression and individuality. Her creations spoke mystery, allowing women to tell unique stories with each garment they adorned. The brand quickly gained recognition for its commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, aligning beauty with responsible practices.

But her journey didn't stop there. With each success, she yearned to explore new horizons, expand her creative boundaries, and empower women on a deeper level. She immersed herself in the world of web design, recognizing the power of digital platforms to amplify her message and connect with a broader audience.

As she delved into the realm of web design and digital entrepreneurship, she discovered a passion for coaching others in the law of attraction and building businesses online. Through her guidance, women found the tools and knowledge to manifest their dreams, attract abundance, and create thriving online ventures.

In 2023, a new chapter began. It was a time of rebirth, transformation, and the birth of a new brand - I AM Werkelin. With this evolution, she embraced her true identity, intertwining her love for fashion, web design, coaching, and the law of attraction into a unified vision.

Through I AM Werkelin, she aims to empower women through stylish and sustainable garments and transformative coaching, empowering them to step into their power, manifest their dreams, and build thriving online businesses.

So, let the story continue as I AM Werkelin embraces the past, present, and future, inspiring women worldwide to unleash their true potential, radiate confidence, and create their own unique masterpieces in the tapestry of life.


A sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire

Become a Mind Empress!

  • ​Number one: Your thoughts become things
  • Number twoWe stand for choosing our feelings
  • Number threeWe expect Miracles

Thought inspirations to make you get new insights


Why are we afraid?

I Can't Promise It'll Always Be Easy, but I Can Promise It'll Be Worth it.

Black as night...


The New Law Of Attraction Bible For Women who don't settle for less..!

"Find Happiness In Every Moment - Guaranteed! (Even If You Believe Some People Are Just Born Lucky And I'm Not One Of Them...)"

FREE Instant Access!.

Just Click below and I'll send you a FREE copy of my new FREE E-book: The Power of Manifestation of the Mind!


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