Black as night...

In my career, I have learned that black is a color everyone wants (okay, there are exceptions and congratulations to you who belong to them!).
The strange thing is that we would never shop in a store that only sold black clothes…

Almost 15 years ago, there was a store in Stockholm that had the brilliant business idea of ​​only selling black clothes, and for my small brand (which is primarily black), it was a good deal.
After a while, they had to bring in some white garments because the customers did not see a difference in all the beautiful black garments…
And after a year or so, they had to give up their black dream and close the store for good…

How could one fail with a clear winning concept?
We are not inspired to shop (even if we only buy black) when we only see black…

I now come unsolicited to the law of attraction and its cause and effect!

Now think that we are not inspired by seeing black on the outside of us, but many of us are entirely black on the inside…

What do I mean now?

I'm not black on the inside… of course, but black is a negative color, and many of us are negative on the inside and see everything negatively by worrying about things that have not yet happened… do you recognize it?

When someone says something, we start from the worst.
We watch and listen to the news and worry about everything that happens…
Things we can not influence or have little chance of influencing.
We do not want to shop in a black store, but do we really want everything black inside us?

Let in color today ?!

Let the red hit your heart and let in love, and above all, the love for yourself!

Because you are beautiful, just the way you are! And there is only one like you!

Let the light into your soul and let the anxiety leave your body…

For now, think for a moment; You worry about something that has not happened yet… If it happens - have you felt terrible twice… But if it does NOT happen, you have felt bad unnecessarily, right?

So now, let's close the inner black store. We let it go bankrupt today! And let the color magic inside us!

So what does the concern have to do with the law of attraction?

The opposite of worry is calm; with calm, the law of attraction can move freely to work with its full magic in your life!

I am so happy and grateful that you have chosen to read my insights today; more will follow…

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