Why are we afraid?

Can fear be cured?

Or is it that we enjoy being scared?

This morning it hit me, WHY are we afraid..?

I know that at the beginning of this virus, people hoarded food and toilet paper.

To me, this was very strange, so I asked a customer who told me that she had been hoarding -WHY?

She then explained that she shopped for 14 days in case she got sick = for preventive purposes. I then wondered if she knew that she could have the food delivered home, and she knew but had forgotten. Then we further discussed that if you get sick, you probably won't eat all that food...

So the bottom line was that she acted out of fear.

What happens inside us when we are afraid? What characteristics do we pick out?

I want to say that many of us bring out our absolute worst sides... unfortunately...

Fear whips up the ego, and we think only of ourselves.

What is fear, and why are we afraid?

Everyone is afraid of the virus!

But WHY are we afraid of the virus?

Is it because we think we are going to die… then I can only inform you that we all will, sooner or later…

After all, we cannot build our life because we are afraid of dying. After all, then the whole life will become one enormous fear. We can die in a car accident, get hit, or fall a flight of stairs and break our necks.

Now I am NOT saying that you should go out and live your life fearlessly and not think about your fellow human beings because even if you are not afraid... many others are, and you have to respect that!

I want to make you think differently after reading today's post… take a moment to think about: why…

Once a warrior, always a warrior...

A few years ago, a good friend had trained as a shaman and wanted to test his skills on me. All said and done, which led her to find out that I fought in all past lives… and it seems I continue…

But now, I don't fight with swords and guns; instead, I've taken to the keyboard.

But why do I fight? Primarily to help my fellow human beings to come to their realization... Although my insights do NOT have to be your insights. I want you to ask a straightforward question in any situation you find yourself in…namely:

Why? And then also, why are you afraid?

What does this have to do with the law of attraction? If you are afraid, the law of attraction cannot work!

So why are we afraid, and how do we get out of fear?

To understand why you are afraid, it is best to do the following exercise by asking the question why:

Why am I afraid of x

Then take the answer and ask the question again: Why am I afraid of (the answer to the question)?

Keep asking why seven times in total, and you will find the underlying reason... It could be something completely different than what you think...

So how can you cure the fear?

First, you have to recognize it. Know WHAT you fear…

Then it would be best if you found out the following:

Is it something you can influence?
Can you do something about it?
Does it serve YOU to be afraid?
What's the worst that could happen?
So, what did you come up with?

Is there a reason to be afraid, or can you feel that the fear comes from the fact that you are carrying around a fear that is not yours?

Drop it if it doesn't serve you. (BUT don't forget to respect those who don't share your opinion!)

Let go of fear and worry.

When we feel the peace within, everything will be fine.

Unwind daily, have a reminder on your phone, and remind yourself everyday to take it easy.

If you stress, the law of attraction will not work.

You must be calm!

How do you stay calm?

(And now it got tricky...)

The easiest way is to breathe deeply - take deep breaths, and on the exhale, say calm (or relax). Feel the stomach expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale. Repeat the breath three times. If you don't feel calm, repeat it three more times.

This is a quick fix.

If you have more time, meditation is the best remedy. A more extended meditation is required if you are very stressed/fearful.

A walk in nature can also create peace within you.

You will find what is best for you by thinking: I AM calm.




Thanks for reading my insights today. More to follow!

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