Life is fantastic, as are all the insights you gain! What do you know about yin and yang? How does it relate to life?

Let's start by checking what Wikipedia says:

Yin (陰 or 阴) and yang (陽 or 阳) (eum-yang in Korean) (from Chinese yin, shadow side, yang, sun side) are central concepts in Chinese philosophy and symbolize extremes. Yin and yang are the primordial forces of the universe. It is a cosmological term of ancient Chinese tradition. With wuxing, it got its scientific and practical form as part of the five phases (elements). Yin and Yang also symbolize time and space.

Yin, the black, is the feminine and passive primal force. It symbolizes the earth and the moon, the dark, the cold, and the damp, but also the mountains and the skeleton. The tiger is considered the creature that most embodies "yin."

Yang, the white, is the male and active primal force. It symbolizes the sky and the sun, the bright, the warm, and the dry, but also the rivers and the blood circulation. The dragon is considered the creature that most embodies "yang."

Why have I suddenly become interested in this?

Well, as so often, things you least expect come your way... to show that you need it right then!

A week ago, one thing led to another, to the third, which finally became a whole puzzle that was laid out before my feet... So many insights that landed all of a sudden.

It's hard to write about everything in one blog post because it would be too long... But I'll explain the basics here!

The beginning of Yin-Yang
When we are born, we are in balance. We have as much yin as yang...

Then something exciting happens; depending on our upbringing, our balance can be more in one direction or another. So when going out on the dating trail, we automatically look for a partner who can make up for what we lack...

Do you recognize it?

We can have a good balance in our Yin-Yang from the beginning, but over the years, our partner, and even ourselves, can change... But the overall balance remains.

The total balance always needs to be there... when one of the parties starts to change their balance and the other doesn't keep up... what do you think happens then? Yep, you're right – there will be separation!

But after a separation, we may not be whole again but alone in our imbalance...

What happens then if we are out of balance?
First, we need to know what Yin and Yang consist of!

Yin is the feminine, passive, calm, and creative side. When we have too much YIN, we often look for a partner with too much YANG…

If we are in a divorce or our loved one has passed away, then we stagnate… unless we get the opposite force, i.e., YANG, that can balance us up.

Not only do we stagnate, we often gain weight because we become passive... The passivity persists if we do not realize what has happened or find our opposite, i.e., Yang.

As you may know, I often do Chakra tests (you can find it here), and it is noticeable that most women have an imbalance in one of their three bottom chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus (or the colors red, orange, yellow). These 3 chakras are associated with Yang, as are the colors.

When we are fully in YIN, we need to introduce the opposite pole - YANG into our life to bring back the balance!

We need to get active and wear red, orange, yellow and white clothes. Dress warmly, preferably going to warmer latitudes. Listen to hard rock! Doing anything opposite to Yin.

It sounds crazy, I know - but if you find yourself entirely in Yin, ask yourself: Have I always been there? What was my life like before I ended up there? What did I do then? How did I dress?

What, then, is Yang?

Yang is the masculine side, which stands for activity, energy, the sun, the day, heat, and money! So if you're short on money, there might be too little Yang... oops!

If you have too much Yang, it can be difficult to sit still... the only thing you care about is making more money.

Empathy and understanding for others have been ignited in their eagerness to climb upwards. One is fiery and likes to be aggressive if Yang is dominant. You are strong, and the Self comes before the team.

To get the balance back, you need to start finding your inner peace, meditate, eat cold food, take it easy, listen to calm music (or keep it quiet) and have it dark around you. Wear blue, green or black clothes. In short, do everything that is the opposite of Yang. Why not take a winter bath?

So you can now understand how we can become more lonely after a separation when we have not only left the person we have lived with... but also left our yin/yang half!

Is it time to bring back the balance?

What are your experiences?

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YANG jpg

That's all for today, my friends…

Together we build a sustainable future with humanity.

Thanks for reading my insights today. More to follow!

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